Circle of Demonstrators (DDK)

Steps of the demonstration activity


Step 1 Choice of topic and instructor

Take into consideration the field of science you are most interested in, and also decide which instructor you would join as a demonstrator. Choose a subject, that you studied successfully, and completed the course with a good grade (at least 4). Without completion of the chosen course or in the case of a lower grade you will be required to prove a good working knowledge. The instructor assigned to the course may determine the prerequisites of starting a demonstration work with regard to completing other subjects relevant to the work.

Step 2 Work of instructor

Contact the instructor and under his/her guidance start assistance with the delivery of teaching in the given topic.

Step 3 Registration

In case you decide to take up a long-term demonstration work in the given subject, register in the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK).

Demonstration work will be indicated in the electronic records system (Neptun), and electronic reports, which together with the instructor’s verification may be advantageous in applications for projects, PhD studies and residency entrance exams.

Step 4 Participation in educational events, and workshop of instructors

As a demonstrator with your instructor’s recommendation, you may participate in educational and national health programs, in programs organized for high school and pre-medical students.

Excellency in demonstration activity enables students to share their experience with lecturers in workshops of instructors, and at education conferences.

Step 5 Demonstrator activity as a course

If you have been registered as a demonstrator for half a year, you may apply for a course ’Demonstrator activity’, thus collecting elective credit points.  A continuous and high standard demonstration activity does not necessarily require registration for the course.

Step 6  Demonstration grant

Successful participation in educational and research work (TDK) of the institute/clinic/department enables student demonstrators who are also members of the Undergraduate Research Society (TDK) to apply for a TDK-scholarship.

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