Circle of Demonstrators (DDK)

Current informations


22.11.2018.  Demonstrators of the University Pécs Medical School are kindly invited to the next consultation of the Circle of Demonstrators at Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018, from 06:00 to 07:00 PM (Seminar Room K002, Entz Béla Clinical Educational Centre).

22.11.2018.  Please remember, that for the fulfilment of requirements of the courses Demonstrator Activity, you need
(1) to register as a demonstrator of the faculty every semester,
(2) to provide certificate from your teaching activities in previous semesters (if you already successfully completed a course „Demonstrator Activity”, you don’t need such a certificate, and if you already sent a certificate like that in earlier semesters, you don’t need to resend it),
(3) to provide certificate from your current demonstrator activities, with the results of the midsemester tests and with a proposed grade from your tutor,
(4) and to get feedback from the taught students, and/or provide an attendance sheet of your demonstrator work.
Please submit these documents as scanned or photocopied e-mail attachments until the last Wednesday of the Lecture Period (next Wednesday) at the latest.

01.01.2018. Board members of the Circle of Demonstrators are happy to help interested students and faculty members to establish and perform successful demonstrator activity in any of the Departments or Institutes of the University of Pécs Medical School. You can reach us any time at the addresses below.


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