The new concept of community spaces for the planned Medical Center
2019. December. 12, Thursday
Dr. Attila Schwarcz and Dr. Gábor Pethő have become Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2019. December. 10, Tuesday
UP has a prestigious place on the ranking list of the world’s green universities
2019. December. 9, Monday
The country’s first Moroccan consulate office was handed over at the University of Pécs
2019. December. 5, Thursday
The University of Pécs (UP) and Philips are working together on a development that can significantly help Hungarian health care
2019. November. 22, Friday
Our School has a prestigious place in the Times Higher Education rankings
2019. November. 20, Wednesday
Celebratory Senate session on the occasion of the Celebration of Hungarian Science
2019. November. 18, Monday
Dr. Tamás Süle has published a book titled "The University of Pécs and its renowned doctors on medals"
2019. November. 18, Monday
The university’s leadership expects five thousand foreign students at the beginning of the new academic year
2019. November. 18, Monday
The new park of our School is under construction
2019. November. 15, Friday
World Diabetes Day – 14 November
2019. November. 6, Wednesday
U.S. News & World Report: Pécs Medical School among the top 500 in the world
2019. November. 6, Wednesday
The health bus was available locally in Baranya
2019. October. 21, Monday
The Mobility Week’s important messages on an articulated bus
2019. September. 19, Thursday
Our School adopted Brutus, the American bison
2019. September. 11, Wednesday
Celebratory assembly and celebratory opening session of the Senate
2019. September. 2, Monday
Successful implantation of an inner ear implant at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
2019. September. 2, Monday
New surgical procedures, chips, innovations at the clinics in Pécs
2019. August. 27, Tuesday
Scientists and doctors from Pécs were also honored on the celebration of the founding of the state
2019. August. 21, Wednesday
PTE's 3D Printing and Visualization Center Launches New Exploratory Mission
2019. July. 30, Tuesday
Exemplary Innovation: A Newly Emerging Method to Help Patients Suffering from Untreatable Forms of Epilepsy
2019. July. 29, Monday
Summer blood donation campaign
2019. July. 5, Friday
The new Theoretical Building of Dentistry is going to be ultramodern
2019. July. 3, Wednesday
Light painting at the graduation ceremony
2019. July. 3, Wednesday
The PTE 3D Project won the „Audience Award of Made in Pécs” in 2018
2019. January. 8, Tuesday

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